Who is the secret scavenger?

I am The  Secret  Scavenger and I create beautiful bespoke home decor and arty things from driftwood and other ocean finds from my adventures along the coastlines of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset.

Surf life

I love to be by the sea, in it, on it and under it. It was my love for the water that found me acquiring multiple water skills and surfboard faller off hero. A special thanks to Mother for shoving me in a pool before I could walk.

When I am not working, you will often find me cruising North Cornwall/ Devon for a surf, beers and a cheeky scavenge.

Van life

In February 2020 following an excellent read and already being quite a free spirited individual, I made the leap to live in my van full-time so as to enjoy a life of adventure on the road with my many boards. ‘Splinter’ is my on-going Mercedes Sprinter van conversion. I started this incredible journey with my best Bengal friend but sadly lost him in March 2021.


If you would like to see more, check out facebook and instagram.


School daze

At school I was pretty creative I guess, so much so my report often read ‘disruptive and lacks focus’.
I studied Art A level at Brockenhurst college amongst some sciencey stuff but didn’t persue it and went off into the land of Pubs and Bars. I still work part time in a really nice one. Good bunch.


Having had a hand in a few professions over the years I quickly realised I wasn’t cut out for the conformity of getting up early to drive to an office to do a job I wasn’t fussed about to pay for things that I didn’t really need.
And hey, nothing fills a void like making people lovely bits and bobs now does it!?.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

My Dad has always (and still rabbits on) about this awful throw away society we live in and that we should fix things instead of chucking them out. Well I have taken this life lesson on board, unlike many others (Sorry Dad) and I recycle old gifts, off cuts and decorations. Later combining them with the incredible coastal goodies from my travels. Email me to donate.

The workshop

In the workshop (aka bedroom/kitchen/bathroom), I use a hand drill and vice for the driftwood which I also scavenged off the old man. Some of my favourite items to work with are pebbles, sea fans, sea glass and shells. All my gifts are handmade by myself and I do commissions for your individual requirements.


I am working towards being fully sustainable and currently in the process of sourcing recycled supplies and stationary for my marketing bits. I already reuse packaging, recycle all my rubbish, and scavenge gifts, ribbon, buttons, beads, frames and what not from 2nd hand emporiums, car boot sales and mates lofts. And your garage. Check your garage.


Before I shut up. I must take a moment to thank my family who are all creative crazies and to my Aunt in particular who first inspired me to use driftwood we had collected on a beautiful walk along Chesil Beach, Jurassic Coast Dorset.

Thanks for reading folks. Time for a wine.


The not so Secret Scavenger anymore.