Save the planet

I like the idea of this big beautiful ball we live on,still being here all green and blue for others don’t you?  Don’t forget to remind yourself how to do your bit.

1: Reduce 

Reducing what you use and waste means using fewer natural resources and less energy. Why not buy recycled goods or in bulk to help create less waste. So you know, you will only find the minimum amount of wrapping around your gifts from the secret scavenger.

2: Reuse
Reusing products many times keeps them from becoming waste. I reuse all packaging and gifting bits. I also reuse scraps as note paper. Consider donating products that don’t have to be replaced frequently after using them. To help me continue to be eco friendly please donate any unwanted treasures to include beads, ribbons, buttons and pendants. Donate now.

3: Recycle
Converting used items back into raw materials then making new products with them.
I use recycled paper, boxes, tape and stationary. I also recycle all my waste.

4: Repair
Mend and fix things such as clothing, furniture, party decorations and electrical goods. Instead of replacing so quickly.

5: Rot
Nearly 40% of the worlds waste is organic meaning it can be composted. Creating a compost pile can help turn waste into food.

6: Rethink
Rethink the types of materials you use or purchase. Switch a takeaway coffee cup for a reusable one, swap a plastic straw for a metal one, purchase loose veg. Why not carry your shopping in your own bag? I am busy sourcing eco friendly merchandise and can’t wait to share my shop soon. 

Save the planet